About us

For more than 60 years, Morel & Cie has been a dynamic and recognised player in the Art world, both in France and abroad.

As a coverholder of Lloyd’s of London and a privileged partner of all Insurers that specialise in art, we insure all works of art as well as jewellery, watches, wines, etc. … for private as well as corporate collections, museums, foundations, cultural institutions, galleries, auction houses, art professionals, artists, and others.

Our business which is exclusively dedicated to the insurance of works of art has enabled us to build relationships of trust both with Insured Parties and with Brokers and non-specialised Agents for whom our contracts (art professional, private collection, exhibition and transport) offer the solution to their clients’ concerns.

Our claims authority enables us to handle most claims ourselves, and therefore offer our insured customers a simple, fast and efficient response with a recognised provider.

Our various contracts :

These are specifically for galleries, experts, auctioneers, art dealers, public or private institutions, etc.

They cover all artworks in stock, in all the different places occupied on a permanent basis by the insured professional. Works that are temporarily on a third party’s premises or in transport are covered within a geographic perimeter chosen by the insured party.

These contracts are for private collectors who want to insure all or part of their art, furniture, valuable object, jewellery or watch collections, on site or in transport.

These are aimed at Museums, Institutions, Associations and other exhibition organisers. They include all-risk, “nail-to-nail” coverage.

All our contracts can be tailored to your business and can be adjusted throughout the year.

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Our philosophy

Getting insured today can be something of an obstacle course… you have a choice between online insurance that is stereotyped, anonymous and impersonal and at best meets about 50% of your actual needs… or a switchboard where after pressing * and # , interspersed with half a dozen numbers, you at worst get a busy signal, or at best an answering machine telling you to call again later… It’s hard to find a more effective way to tarnish the already flailing image of insurance…

And that’s only the subscription part where you want to take out insurance or pay a premium… What then when it comes to reporting an accident or trying to contact an adviser to get a personalised opinion…

At Morel & Cie, we know each one of our customers, their name and their face of course, but also their everyday concerns.

We know our business which is insurance, but we also know your business, your challenges and constraints, whether you are a gallery owner, a restorer, an art dealer, an artist, an exhibition curator, a cultural officer in the private or public sector, a wealth manager, an auctioneer, a transporter who specialises in works of art, a registrar or simply an art collector and enthusiast…

Our role is to simplify your Insurance, which is an essential part of your profession or daily life, but perhaps also… the part that is most annoying. We are often the last thing you think of, the detail that springs to mind the night before a fair, or when the transporter is ringing at your door, and that is why everything is set up at our end to be responsive, attentive and available.

Our aim is to offer you our assistance so that your assets, your works of art, your jewellery, your vintage cars, whatever their nature, value or size, whether it’s a commercial commodity, inherited, given, borrowed or bought… will always be seen as unique and insured according to their specificity.

A work of art is not insured the way a refrigerator or random freight is, in terms of weight, wear and tear or size… Yet certain non-specialised insurers limit their cover to a paltry lump sum per kilogram, or still believe that restoration increases the value of a work of art…

Because your pieces are unique, and the way you work is unique, we are a unique broker in the Art Market.

Our team

Roberto MORANE
Roberto MORANEDirecteur Général
Phone : +33 1 44 51 02 16
Email : rmorane@morel-et-cie.com
Aurélia FARKOA
Aurélia FARKOADirectrice Département Art et Culture
Phone : +331 44 51 02 17 / +33 7 83 76 08 90
Email : afarkoa@morel-et-cie.com
David GALLAISGestionnaire Œuvres d’art
Phone : +33 1 44 51 02 20 / +33 6 76 86 29 30
Email : dgallais@morel-et-cie.com

For Fine Art Claims

Contact : Aurélia FARKOA
Phone : +33 1 44 51 02 17 / +33 7 83 76 08 90

For P. & C. Claims

Contact : Véronique ANNOH-JAEGER
Phone : +33 1 42 99 60 13